Tipo de Arquivo: .EXE

O arquivo executa à instalação 
automaticamente no diretório do jogo

What's new in version v.
1. Anti Cheat System.
2. New Multiplayer character.
3. Added new weapon & mod (Bow, Boxing , Horse , auto kick ping (max 150) , fixed whip (Do not get out of server) , fixed under terrain (auto kill).
4. Auto Download Missing Map.
5. Coj2 Object Map added (new map HighNoon2) We can do maps with objects of CoJ 2.
6. Fix Playerlist see all player .
7. Lags minimized.
8. Update menu (We can do automatically update the game).
9. Fixed a few maps no Outmap.
10. For those who have v. can play on v. & v.,
WARNING: but those not have v. can not play on v.

Essa versão causa bug 
nas outras versões
em apenas 03 mapas

1- Sting Springs / Hideout

2- Rock Express / Expresso da Rocha

3- Fort Stanton / Forte Stanton


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